⚾️SportsIcon teams up with decentralized referral protocol Attrace 🗣

We’re proud to announce our partnership with Attrace, the world’s first referral marketplace for all tokenized assets. By partnering with Attrace we are now able to offer their referral rewards to you, our incredible community. The loudest Lions in the pride will now be rewarded for their efforts in spreading the awareness of the Lion’s Club throughout not just crypto, but the world. The more people who use your referral links, the more you’ll be rewarded — this is the power of Attrace.

For now, all Ethereum drops will be promoted through Attrace, giving you the chance to be rewarded for your contributions to the community. In the near future, once Attrace integrates support for Flow blockchain, even more opportunities will be available for our communities 🔥

Let’s get the party started 🎉

To celebrate this partnership we’re running a competition that everyone can participate in 🎊

The rules are simple: to win, have the loudest roar in the pride.

Said differently, the top Lion’s Club promoters who get the most referrals through Attrace’s referral links will be rewarded with an exclusive airdrop which will be landing directly into your wallets 💰

For exact details make sure to be following us on Twitter and in our Telegram for the latest updates.

How Attrace works

Attrace is the world’s first trustless Referral Network. The experience of using Attrace varies for promoters and participants. Lion’s Club: we’re counting on you to be the loudest promoters they’ve ever seen. Nevertheless, it might be useful to understand both sides of the field.

For Promoters — Sign up to promote and earn bounties

Explore the referrals and pick the ones you would like to promote. You sign up to promote and mint your referral link which you can share with your followers or friends via any channel. You will earn a bounty by referring participants who engage with the project token or dApp via your referral link.

For Participants — Follow the referral link and earn bounties

Depending on a referral, you can be invited via referral link to participate in a token sale or liquidity pool. You follow the link, sign it with your wallet and become eligible to earn your bounty. Once you participate in a token sale or liquidity pool, you will receive your entitled bounty as a bonus.

For more information check out Attrace’s website, and make sure to be following them on their official Twitter and Telegram.

About SportsIcon

Connect with the greatest sportspeople of all time through NFTs. For the first time in history, you can own or trade part of your Icon’s story.

Learn more about SportsIcon:

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NFTS with greatest sports people of all time

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NFTS with greatest sports people of all time

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