Announcing the $LION token and the Executive Board

We’ve got two big announcements to make regarding the SportsIcon Lion Club. For you readers in a rush here’s the TLDR:

The Lion Club executive board is being formed, comprised of the two SportsIcon founders and 3 community members. You can apply here to be on the board.

We are releasing the $LION governance token in Q1 2022. 30% will be airdropped to Lion holders and Founding NFT holders.

The Executive Board

As part of our efforts around progressive decentralization, we felt that the time is right to bring the community into decision making about the future of the Lion Club.

We’ve got a magnificent community, full of amazing members with tonnes of ideas and skills and we want to utilise it!

The Lion Club Executive Board will meet monthly. It will decide on subjects such as the roadmap, what topics get voted on by the community, reporting back to the community and general governance subjects. It will comprise of 5 members including a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary. These roles will be decided by a simple majority vote by members of the committee.

The first election to the board will be done via direct application. You can apply here to be on the committee. The first Executive Board will have a 12-month term from 1st March 2022 to 1st March 2023.

The second election of the board will take place via voting using the $LION governance token. This board will sit for a year from 1st March 2023 to 1st March 2024 where a new election will take place for another yearly term.

The $LION governance token.

$LION tokens will be airdropped to all Lion Club members and Founding NFT holders in Q1 2022.

The tokenomics are as follows:

There will be 30 million $LION tokens

Team 20%

Airdrop 30%

Future community contributions 10%

Treasury 30%

Staking — 10% (over 3 years)

We’ve studied the best in class governance tokenomics and gone one step further. The community will eventually own or govern directly 80% of the $LION token making this project truly decentralized!

In terms of the airdrop the 9 million $LION will be divided like so:

8.1 million tokens for normal lions and Founding NFT holders

0.9 million tokens for SE Lion Holders


We’ll be adding to FAQ’s as we get them from the community.


Is $LION an ERC20?


Will you be providing liquidity?

Yes on Uniswap

Do you have any plans to list on exchanges?

Not currently but we don’t rule it out.

Why are you doing this?

We believe in the power of decentralization and the power of the Lion Club community!

Will Lions still get $ICONS


Is $LION a security?

Absolutely not, it is a governance token for the Lion Club community.

What are you looking for in Executive board members?

A love of sports, crypto and the Lion Club is a must. A willingness to meet once a month, be a leader in the community, feedback and make yourself accountable to the community. As a bonus have a big network and be full of ideas about how to build the best sports club in the world! Each member will be awarded 1000 $LION per month for being on the board.

You can apply here

When do applications close?

Applications close 5pm UTC on 1st February, 2022. Appointments will be announced on 1st March, 2022.

What is the secretaries role?

Set the agenda, write minutes and report back to the community

Has the snapshot taken place yet?

No, not yet

How will I redeem $LION?

Connect your wallet to the redemption site we share.




NFTS with greatest sports people of all time

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NFTS with greatest sports people of all time

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