Drama in the Lion Club World Cup Sweepstake!

3 min readDec 20, 2022

If you thought the World Cup Final was dramatic… you should have seen the Pride Chat in the Lion Club Discord!

After 40 days of football, the World Cup Final provided one of the greatest matches in sports history.

Our 50 World Cup Lion Club sweepstake entries were down to the final 4 Lion holders. Four Lions still in with a chance of winning the first prize of 2 x tickets to a league fixture of their choice, a sports jersey of their winning nation, and a Lioness NFT.

With each Lion holder also requiring a player to win the golden boot (most goals in the world cup), and Messi and Mbappe both on 5 goals going into the final, it was ALL to play for.

Who would win… Argentina or France, and who would win the Golden Boot… Messi or Mbappe?

Who would be the Lion taking the first prize? The lions left were…

DanxMim — France and Messi

KG — France and Mbappe

Other_Half_Andrij — Argentina and Messi

Cstewart — Argentina and Mbappe.

The first half of football didn’t play like the World Cup spectacle that we were all expecting. Argentina took an early lead with a Messi penalty and that scoreline was soon doubled by Angel Di Maria.

Everything was looking comfortable for the Argentines, Messi, and Other_Half_Andrij. There must have been half a thought on which tickets he would claim as his first-prize win.

Until the 80th minute when everything changed within 90 seconds of footballing brilliance from Kylian Mbappe. Two quick goals put the game back to 2–2 and Mbappe one goal clear of the golden boot award. Despair for Other_Half_Andrij and now hope for Cstewart and KG.

With the final going into extra time, everything was still on the line. A goal either way to settle it for Cstewart or KG to win first prize. Then that man Messi scores again! Messi now back level on most goals for the golden boot award, but with most assists in the tournament would see him winning the Golden Boot.

3–2 Argentina — 108 minutes played and the first prize was back in the hands of Other_Half_Andrij.

Two minutes of extra time remaining and the wonder kid Kylian Mbappe scores again. It’s 3–3. Only the second time in history a hat trick has been scored in a World Cup final. Mbappe goes back to Golden Boot leader with eight goals!

An unbelievable last-minute save from Argentina’s Emi Martinez keeps Messi’s side alive and into the penalty shoot-out.

That left KG and Cstewart to sweat it out for a World Cup final penalty shoot-out. If you thought, there was pressure in Doha. It was matched in the Lion Club Pride Chat Discord channel.

Two fantastic saves from Emi Martinez in the shoot-out once again and Argentina and Messi are World Champions.

Sport has to have winners and losers and that’s why we love it.

As Croatia were not in our sweepstake to award our third prize winner, the team decided to follow the FIFA rules of the second-place golden boot winner, and that is decided by the most assists. Who had the most assists at this World Cup…? The GOAT… Mr. Lionel Messi. Golden Ball winner.

Official Results:

1st Prize — Cstewart — Argentina and Mbappe

2 x tickets to league fixture of your club choice + 1 x football jersey of your winning nation + 1 x Lioness NFT

2nd Prize — KG — France and Mbappe

1 x Club shirt of your favourite team + 1 x Lioness NFT

3rd Prize — Other_Half_Andrij — Argentina and Messi

$50 USDC + 1 Lioness NFT

Oh, and amongst all of that, we re-drew winners for the Atlanta Falcons Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers tickets on January 8th, which were won by Bacon.

Bacon has booked an epic adventure from Canada to see the Falcons and potentially Brady’s last game. We’re looking forward to him updating the community with his vlogs and photos along the way.

More ticket announcements in January… So… Buy a Lion for Christmas ;-)