Future Icon: John Mitchell Financial Breakdown

4 min readMay 23, 2023


Presenting a unique investment venture for sports fans, Future Icons facilitates financial support for emerging sports personalities while offering investors a share of their success. Investors acquire Future Icons tokens and embark on a journey alongside the athlete, gaining financial rewards from their accomplishments and contributing to their pursuit of championship honours. This article delves into the Future Icons program’s mechanics, potential earnings for token holders, and the broader benefits of backing these sports prodigies.

Athlete Investment Opportunities

Future Icons is an innovative program that enables investors to buy tokens representing a share of an athlete’s future earnings. Consider the case of John Mitchell, an MMA fighter hailing from Ireland, whose career is full of potential. With only 120 Future Icon tokens available, each investor holds a unique chance to directly contribute to John’s success and partake in his financial rewards.

Suppose an investor owns a single token out of the 120. In that case, they’re entitled to 1/120th of the 5% of John Mitchell’s earnings over the subsequent 18 months, encompassing five regular fights and two championship battles. Let’s examine the possible earnings based on different outcomes.

Understanding Financial Rewards and Potential Earnings

The Calculation Breakdown and Formula

To clarify the calculation for Future Icon token holders’ returns, we’ll decode the formula used. This calculation presumes an equal distribution of 5% of John Mitchell’s earnings among the 120 token holders.

(Total Earnings * 5%) / 120 = Earnings per Token Holder

The formula to calculate John’s Total Earnings is a simple sum of his base salary, the prize money for winning fights, and the prize money for winning championship fights. Over the course of the 18 months, this investment covers, John will compete in 5 fights and 2 championship fights.

(Base Salary *2) + (Fights won * Prize Money) + (Championships won * Prize Money) = Total Earnings

The known values for these are:

  • Base Salary = $60,000 per year
  • Fight Prize Money = $20,000 per win
  • Championship Prize Money = $100,000 per Championship win

Exploring Scenarios

If John Mitchell triumphs in all his fights, including regular and championship matches, his total earnings sum up to his base salary, regular fight prizes, and championship fight rewards. For example, if the earnings are $420,000 in total, with 5% of these earnings allocated to all token holders, the return for a single token would be $175.

In a different scenario, where John wins three of five regular fights and one of two championship fights, the total earnings would be $280,000. Hence, the earnings for a single token would be approximately $116.67.

The below table showcases this formula and calculations for various scenarios:

Fight outcome scenarios with projected earnings for John Mitchell

These calculations showcase how an athlete’s performance and the distribution of earnings among the token holders determine the earnings for each token holder. Earnings differ depending on specific fight outcomes and other influencing factors.

Estimating Returns

Understanding the formula allows token holders to estimate their potential returns in various scenarios, facilitating informed decision-making and a deeper comprehension of the financial benefits of investing in Future Icons.

The simplest way to increase the returns from this investment is to increase the number of tokens purchased. For this reason, SportsIcon has decided to include a limit of 5 tokens per transaction that an individual can purchase. This is to allow multiple purchasers and to stop a run on the tokens.

To help people better understand the potential returns and how they relate to fight performance, we have created a calculator to visualise the returns:

Becoming a Future Icon Supporter

Investing in Future Icons goes beyond mere financial returns. Supporters experience a sense of pride and fulfilment by contributing to an athlete’s journey, watching their growth, and aiding their development. It fosters a unique bond between the athlete and the investor, instigating a shared quest for success.

Future Icons brings an exhilarating opportunity for sports enthusiasts to pair their love for sports with potential financial gains. By owning Future Icon tokens, investors directly back talented athletes like John Mitchell while benefiting from their earnings. Whether it’s the prospect of a return on investment or the gratification of fostering a rising star, the program provides a unique, rewarding experience.

Further, the Future Icons program serves as a launchpad for championship-winning fighters. With financial backing to train, compete, and hone their skills, investors play a pivotal role in helping athletes reach their apex. Such support enables athletes like John Mitchell to devote themselves entirely to their craft, pushing their capabilities and raising their championship odds.

As the sports industry continues to progress, initiatives like Future Icons are bridging the gap between fans and athletes, encouraging deeper engagement and participation. By investing in athletes’ futures, supporters become a vital component of their success, helping shape them into championship-winning fighters.

Participating in the Future Icons program turns investors into not just stakeholders in an athlete’s career but advocates of their dreams. The program highlights the strength of collective support and its transformative impact on athletes’ careers. Join the Future Icons movement today and participate in the journey toward sporting greatness!


Prospective investors should carefully consider the associated risks and make informed decisions. Consultation with financial professionals is advisable before making any investment commitment. However, for those who see the potential in athletes like John Mitchell and wish to support their journey, Future Icons offers an intriguing way to couple financial gain with the thrill of an athlete’s ascension to greatness.