Introducing the John Mitchell Fan Token by Future Icons.

3 min readMay 10, 2023

A Revolutionary Step in Fan Engagement

The world of sports is driven by the passion and unwavering support of fans who live and breathe the game.

In a groundbreaking move that aims to enhance fan engagement like never before, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the highly anticipated John Mitchell Fan Token.

This exciting new development will bring fans closer to their favourite sports personalities and revolutionise the way we connect with our athletes.

The details of the fan token are as follows.

When is the sale date?

Pre-Sale for Lion Club holders: May 31st - 20:00 UK time

General Sale: June 1st - 08:00 UK time

How much does it cost to buy a John Mitchell Fan Token?

Cost: $80 in Ethereum or $ICONS.

It will be $80 worth of Eth or $80 worth of $ICONS based on the price of Eth an $ICONS on May 24th.

How many tokens are available?

There are only 120 fan tokens available so don’t miss out.

When and how will I be paid out?

John Mitchell will be returning 5% of his earnings over the next 2 years to the token holders.

Backers will receive their money back in USDC.

John Mitchell has to win 2 fights out of his 5 for a payout to be activated.

Token holders will be paid out once a year into their wallets.

Can I buy more than 1 fan token?

Yes, you can! The more you own, the more money you can potentially return. There is however a limit of 5 tokens per transaction. We only have a small supply of 120 tokens available for this mint.

With Johns fans, MMA fans and crypto enthusiasts we expect these will be hot property.

Fan Tokens have been taking the sports world by storm, enabling fans to actively participate in the success of their beloved teams and athletes.

Is it just money that I will get from this investment?

No, above all, we are sports fans at heart, and this is giving the opportunity to be a part of an athletes journey, their ability to compete full time and reach their full potential.

As well as that we have some surprises along the way for token holders.

Such as:

Chances to win ..

· John Mitchells signed fight gloves

· John Mitchells fight shorts

· Choose his fight entrance music

· Train with John on Zoom or with him in Dubai (Must be in Dubai to claim personal gym session)

· Choose a message to be written on his training shirts and ring entrance

· Online Q and A’s with John

· Tickets to his fights

· Perhaps even win his jockstrap.

As well as that token holders will receive exclusive content, videos and to be a part of John Mitchells fast growing fan club.

This is your chance to say “I was part of the journey, and I didn’t have to receive one rear naked chokehold to be a part of it”

How to Acquire John Mitchell Fan Tokens:

Acquiring the John Mitchell Fan Token is simple and straightforward.

Visit the official SportsIcon website on the 1st June at

and follow the easy steps outlined to purchase your tokens.

The website provides a secure platform for transactions and ensures that fans can participate with peace of mind.

Embracing the Future of Fan Engagement:

SportsIcon’s launch of the John Mitchell Fan Token marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of fan engagement within the sports industry. By embracing blockchain technology and leveraging the power of cryptocurrencies, SportsIcon is propelling the concept of fan loyalty and interaction to unprecedented heights.

So, don’t miss out on this groundbreaking opportunity!

Visit today.