John Mitchell Triumphs in PFL Europe: An Exciting Win for Fans and Token Holders

3 min readJul 10, 2023


Saturday night saw a thrilling display of skill and determination by John Mitchell, our Future Icon in the MMA world. Mitchell secured an impressive victory in his first fight in PFL Europe on Saturday, July 8th. His unanimous points victory against France’s Geysim Derouiche, saw scores of 30–27, 30–27, and 30–27 on all judges’ scorecards. It left no doubt about his talent. As fans celebrate his success, there’s even more reason to cheer for investors of the John Mitchell Fan Token, as they received news that further enhances their returns.

A Spectacular Performance:

John Mitchell’s victory demonstrated his ability to dominate the fight and leave a lasting impression. The win sets the stage for the next challenge: a bout against Alex Chizov in Paris on September 30th.

Double Wins for Token Holders:

Investors who purchased the John Mitchell Fan Token not only had the pleasure of witnessing his victory but also received incredible news that enhances their investment returns. Originally, the 5% share of prize money was planned for the 120 token holders. However, with 46 tokens sold, the announcement was made that the prize money share will be evenly split across these token holders. This means that the 30 unique holders will now have triple the opportunity for their investment returns. It’s a double win that highlights the benefits of being part of the John Mitchell Fan Token community. The 5% of prize money will be split amongst 46 tokens rather than 120 tokens.

John Mitchell defeats Geysim Derouiche at PFL Europe

Empowering Fan Engagement:

The John Mitchell Fan Token has created a unique bond between fans and the MMA athlete, providing unique access and benefits. This innovative approach to fan engagement has not only captivated supporters but has also given them an opportunity to share in the success of their fighter. The distribution of prize money among token holders further amplifies the sense of community and rewards early investors for their belief in John Mitchell’s potential. A number of John Mitchell Fan Token holders jumped onto a Twitter Spaces to cheer on the fight and share the experience in anticipation. Nail biting moments shared amongst the community ending in celebrations.

Looking Ahead:

John Mitchell’s triumph in the PFL Europe fight sets the stage for an exciting future in the world of MMA. As he continues to showcase his skills , the John Mitchell Fan Token community will be there, supporting him. The unique investment opportunity offered by the Fan Token creates a win-win scenario, providing fans with exclusive perks while helping John Mitchell focus on his career without financial worries.

The Final Bell:

John Mitchell’s first victory in his PFL Europe fight marks a significant milestone in his MMA journey. Fans and token holders can celebrate the double wins of witnessing his triumph and receiving the news of the enhanced investment returns. The John Mitchell Fan Token has revolutionised fan engagement, creating an immersive and rewarding experience for sports fans. We look forward to continuing the journey and bringing fans and athletes closer than ever before.

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