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Join the SportsIcon Lion Club FPL Fantasy Football League 2023/24 — Entry Details included

The SportsIcon Lion Club is thrilled to announce an exciting competition for our valued community members.

As we step into a new season of Fantasy Premier League (FPL) action, we invite all Lion Club NFT holders to participate in our exclusive FPL Fantasy Football League. In last seasons 2022/23 we gave away a whopping $1750 to monthly FPL winners.

This year we have introduced a new entry method, which will consist of burning a Lion for your entry.

By burning a Lion NFT, you’ll secure your spot in the league and stand a chance to win monthly prizes from August 2023 to May 2024.

How to Join the SportsIcon Lion Club FPL League:

  1. Burn a Lion NFT: To participate in the FPL Fantasy Football League, Lion Club NFT holders are required to burn a Lion Club NFT. This process involves sending the NFT to the burn wallet, effectively removing it from circulation and reducing the total supply. Find the burn wallet address in the Pride Discord channel or email
  2. Provide Proof of Burn: After burning the Lion NFT, community members must provide proof of burn in the Pride Discord Channel or privately to This ensures transparency and verifies their participation in the league.
  3. Receive the Unique Code: Once the proof of burn is confirmed, participants will receive a unique code that grants access to join the SportsIcon Lion Club FPL League.

Special Edition Lions: Special Edition and Founding Lions will get free entry to the league and not require any burning. For SE holders to obtain the league code simply send NFT_Af proof of SE holding (wallet address), or email with wallet address.

Benefits of Deflationary NFTs for the Community: Burning NFT’s offer a host of benefits to our community members and the overall ecosystem:

  1. Increased Rarity and Value: Burning Lion NFTs reduces the total supply, making each remaining NFT more scarce and valuable. As the supply decreases, the demand for these unique NFTs is likely to rise, benefiting all existing holders.
  2. Engaged and Committed Community: By participating in the burning process to join the FPL Fantasy Football League, community members demonstrate their commitment and engagement with the Lion Club. This enhances the sense of belonging and fosters a passionate community of sports enthusiasts.
  3. Rewarding Community Participation: The opportunity to join the FPL Fantasy Football League and win monthly prizes creates an enticing reward system for active Lion Club members. It incentivises involvement in the community and acknowledges contributions to its growth.
  4. Long-Term Sustainability: Implementing deflationary mechanisms ensures a sustainable NFT ecosystem. The controlled reduction of supply helps maintain the value and relevance of Lion Club NFTs over time, bolstering the project’s longevity.
  5. Building a Thriving Sports Community: Through deflationary NFTs and initiatives like the FPL Fantasy Football League, the Lion Club aims to create a thriving sports community.

Don’t know anything about FPL and need some tips? Have a read of our resident FPL tiptsers blog. FPLAcumen finished 2600th out of 11 million players last season. He gives the low-down exclusively for the Lion Club here.

Join the SportsIcon Lion Club in this exciting chapter as we embark on the FPL Fantasy Football journey.

We have more leagues, ticket giveaways and loads more, covering different sports and nations across the world coming soon.

For more updates and details, visit our official Discord and follow us on Twitter at SportsIcon Lion Club Official

Disclaimer: The burning process and its associated rewards may be subject to change. Please refer to our official channels for the most up-to-date information.