Join the SportsIcon Lion Club NFT Board

3 min readMar 9


SportsIcon Lion Club are inviting new applicants to join the Lion Club board for April 2023 — April 2024.

We are doubling the size of the board this year from 3 to 6 members plus a chairperson.

Community driven…

From the applicants, SportsIcon will choose 3 successful members to the board and the Lion Club community will also vote 3 members onto the board with the use of their $LION tokens.

Know someone that you’d love to be on the board? How about nominating someone.

What will the board do?

The board will be made up of a variety of skill based applicants to take the Lion Club to the next level. As we continue to provide utility and community engagement through an NFT bear market.

The new board will be influential in launching the Lion Club rocket ship into the next bull run.

A few areas for the board to work towards and make pivotal decisions on will include:

  • Road Map 2.0
  • Merch launch
  • SE Lion Utility
  • Community Engagement
  • Marketing and Network reach
  • Strategy and Development
  • Web3.0 and NFT innovation
  • Events planning
  • Partnerships and Collaboration

When will the board meet?

The board will meet over zoom once a month for the following 12 months. This meeting will be set in place on the same day and time so that it is recurring. Board members will be expected to attend at least 9 out of 12 meetings. The day and time will be determined by the availability of the applicants. Once set this time will remain. For example, every last Thursday of the month at 4pm GMT.

How can I apply or nominate someone?

Applicants should complete the form HERE and provide their information.

All data collected will be deleted once the board is announced.

What if I can’t attend a meeting?

Board members will have to send their apologies before any meetings are missed. They are still encouraged to send any notes, information or questions to be discussed at the meetings.

I don’t want to be part of the board, but would still like to know what is discussed…

Within 10 days of each board meeting the minutes will be distributed on the announcements channel in the Pride Discord chat. Our commitment to transparency is essential in continuing to have a strong and informed community of Lion Club developments.

Next Steps…

If you are interested in applying please complete the application form.

If you think someone should apply for the board please feel free to encourage applicants.

Closing Date for 1st round applicants: Sunday March 26th.

First round 3 x applicants announced: Thursday 30th March.

Remaining 3 x applicants up for $LION club votes will be announced with closing date Sunday April 2nd.

Full board announcement: Monday April 3rd

First Lion Club board meeting: Last week of April TBD.

We are welcoming applicants of all skill bases and experiences.

Your chance to steer the greatest sports club in web3.0 and bring sports fans closer to sports across the globe.

If you have any questions please contact