Mike Vick Masterclass Collection by SportsIcon

2 min readNov 29, 2022


The Mike Vick Masterclass Collection by SportsIcon will be the first masterclass collection to be released in conjunction with the launch of our digital sports collectible marketplace SportsIcon.com.

One of the finest athletes to ever step foot on a football field, Mike Vick is a once-in-a-generation talent who transformed the quarterback position and the culture of professional football. In this series, Vick discusses his successes and failures and what he did to overcome them, rise out of a difficult neighbourhood, and have one of the most legendary comebacks in sporting history.

In this Masterclass Collection, Mike Vick will lead us through some of his best plays as we try to peel back the layers of his life to reveal his real-life personal experiences, strategy, and vision for the game. He will also tell us about his journey to redemption. We set out to produce and deliver a 9-chapter series with 3–4 parts each, totalling 29 final video assets. Thanks to our extensive experience working with elite athletes, our close friendship with Mike Vick, and our advanced production skills, this is one of the most insightful storytelling NFT collections ever made.


The opportunity to meet and play golf with NFL Legend Mike Vick is what makes this collection special.

You must collect all Masterclass Chapters 1 to 8 plus one NFT from Chapter 9 to be awarded this rare opportunity!

When and Where?

The collection will be available to buy early December at SportsIcon.com.

There will be a claim site set up on the 30th of January to claim your Utility if you are one of the complete set holders (Chapters 1 to 8 plus one NFT from Chapter 9)




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