SportsIcon ⚾️ and GamyFi 🏏to bring blockchain sports to the world🌎

We’re incredibly excited to be partnering with GamyFi, a leading fantasy sports, eSports and NFT platform. The GamyFi and SportsIcons teams share a common goal of a future in which sports and gaming on the blockchain is mainstream and a place where the full potential of NFTs is developed.

GamyFi and SportsIcon will work together on an exclusive range of NFTs for our communities. ✨These NFTs are unique collectibles which are great additions to any fan’s library, and a testament to the support that our communities have for both of our projects.🤝

We’ll also work with GamyFi to run some exciting competitions 🥳 with incredible prizes, including: access to the Lions Club 🦁 where you can win real-life experiences with your sporting heroes; amazing SportsIcon x GamyFi NFT drops; and unique SportsIcon NFTs from some of our biggest partners. We can’t say too much more at this point, so make sure you’re following all of our social channels for more information!🤐

To help raise awareness about both of our names, we’ll also host AMAs for each of our communities. We’re looking forward to connecting with GamyFi’s growing community, just as we’d like to welcome them into ours 👏

We’re looking forward to working closely with GamyFi in the future to see what other opportunities we can explore together 🤝

About GamyFi🏏

GamyFi is a blockchain-based eSports and gaming platform which rewards gamers and sports enthusiasts alike for challenging their skills and knowledge base NFTs. GamyFi’s platform is built on a public blockchain which keeps it transparent and fair while remaining secure and fast. GamyFi’s revolutionary platform benefits users by allowing them to earn cryptocurrency in-game which can then be utilized or traded. Ultimately, GamyFi is designed to tackle conventional gaming’s key challenges with a host of unique features and improvements.

💥 Website | 💥 Telegram Community | 💥 Twitter

About SportsIcon⚾️

Connect with the greatest sportspeople of all time through NFTs. For the first time in history, you can own or trade part of your Icon’s story.

Learn more about SportsIcon:

🏀 Website | 🏀 Telegram Community | 🏀 Instagram| 🏀 Twitter




NFTS with greatest sports people of all time

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NFTS with greatest sports people of all time

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