SportsIcon 2024 Q1 Updates and Announcements

3 min readApr 30, 2024


Hello SportsIcon and Lion Club holders,

With the end 2024 Q1 we thought we’d give an update of what we have been working on, and a review of the year so far.


  • We are working on the process of launching our revamped token called $SCORE.
  • SCORE is $ICONS 2.0 with new tokenization and utility added to the token.
  • We are working behind the scenes to make sure the supply is correct, as well as the technical legalities behind a token.
  • Announcement on the launch date will be made soon, as well as the Airdrop instructions to current holders.
  • A huge thank you to the ten Lion Club community members who read the whitepaper for $SCORE and gave us invaluable feedback and comments.


An airdrop of $SCORE tokens will also be distributed to our loyal and long-term community holders. SCORE will be airdropped to Lion Club NFT holders, Future Icon holders, Metaverse Land Owners, Special Edition Lion holders and Founding NFT holders.

New token, SCORE brought to you by SportsIcon
New token SCORE brought to you by SportsIcon.


We have signed and sealed our next Future Icon athlete!

  • New Future Icon athlete announcement to be made in Q2.
  • We have changed the KYC system to lower the barrier of entry.
  • Exploring new payment options for Future Icon Holders to make purchasing methods easier.
  • There will be three different levels of Future Icon investing, which will be gold, silver and bronze tiers.
  • We are in talks with two more signings of Future Icon athletes and anticipate these will be rolled out regularly as we move forward.

2024 RECAP so far…

As well as our building phase behind the scenes we have also provided;

  • Future Icon Holder payouts — We paid out over $3000 to our John Mitchel Future Icon token holders.
  • NFL Pick’ems challenge we gave away $750 of USDC to participants.
  • 300+ new Discord users after our Discord Invite Challenge, which we also gave away 5000 ICONS tokens.
  • March Madness Bracket Challenge we gave away $200 worth of ICONS and a Bronze Future Icon token for our next Future Icon athlete.

We look forward to bringing you more news in the coming weeks so make sure to keep a close eye on announcements to not miss an update.

SportsIcon Team.

If you are new here…

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