SportsIcon Lion Club announce new board members

2 min readApr 3, 2023

SportsIcon Lion Club announce the first 3 board members for 2023–2024 season

In March, SportsIcon announced the search to find the newest members of the Lion Club board for April 2023 — April 2024.

6 new members will be selected to drive the project, ideas and decisions.

We’ve been so impressed with the quality of applications it’s given us a bigger headache than a Sunday morning hangover.

The SportsIcon HQ team decided on 3 of the applicants to be on the board and the Lion Club community will decide on 3 applicants by using their $LION token to vote.

Without further ado…

We’d like to announce the first three members of the Lion Club Board.

Cordy Joseph — CordyJos#6644

Cordy re-joins the board after the first year of being a Lion Club board member. Cordy has extensive knowledge and experience in the blockchain world. Cordy will play a key-role in the integration of the Lion Club leading the way in the web3.0 space.

Michael Keen —

Mike has been a trailblazer in the NFT space and community. Mike has fantastic experience and results in building communities for a number of NFT projects. Mike is co-host of the NFT Catcher Podcast with over 50,000 listeners, as well as creating the NFT Catcher website and Discord channels. He has interviewed everyone you can think of in the NFT space including the likes of Gary Vee. Mike is a diehard Phillies fan.

Andrij — Other_Half_Andrij#4649

Andrij has been a member of the Lion Club since January 2021. Andrij has a long history of sports collecting, memorabilia and sports fandom. With great initiatives and ideas Andrij will provide a different aspect to the board with collaboration and partnerships with other NFT projects and communities within the space. Andrij is based in Canada and a big Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

Like we said, it took the SportsIcon team days and lots of discussions to whittle the decision down to just 3. We’d like to show a huge appreciation and thank you to all that applied!

Now we put the decision of the final 3 into the hands of the Lion Club community.

Our remaining candidates are

· XRPHolder

· Callum17

· RuxtonCorp

· PurpleHayes.eth

· Franky

· TxSeppe

· WanderingWeasal

· Nicowboy

Lions will have until Tuesday 11th April 09:00 ET to vote.

To vote for your Lion Board members please…

Click HERE to use your $LION tokens.

Any questions please feel free to jump into the Discord or email