SportsIcon with once in a lifetime experience for token holders!

2 min readNov 29, 2023


SportsIcons first Future Icon, John Mitchell will fight in the PFL Lightweight European final on December 8th for a chance to win the European title and €100,000 prize money.

Mitchell, who has already won 2 fights this PFL season to get to the European final will face the tough Polish opponent, Jacob Kaszuba at the 3 arena in Dublin.

John Mitchell takes on Jacob Kaszuba

SportsIcon partnered with Mitchell in May 2023 as he became their first Future Icon in the Future Icons programme, which gives sports fans and investors the opportunity to invest in a promising athletes early on in their career.

In return for the faith and investment put into Future Icon athletes, token holders will receive 5% of the prize money won by Mitchell, as well as other perks like meet and greets, fight gloves and even picking motivational messages to send to John.

Now SportsIcon have gone even further by offering the opportunity to send 2 x Future Icon Token holders to Dublin with a one night accommodation stay plus tickets to the PFL ultimate showdown.

John Mitchell holders will be able to feel every punch and every grapple as they cheer on their athlete with the hope of being part of a new European MMA champion.

For a chance to experience:

1 x Ticket for PFL Europe Finals, in Dublin on December 8th

1 x Hotel accommodation in Dublin.

Future Icon Fan Token Holders should email with their interest or drop into the SportsIcon discord or twitter handles.

  • Prize does not include cost of travel to and from Dublin.

John Mitchell Fan Tokens can be bought on the secondary market here.

John Mitchell Fan Token available here