Welcome to the SportsIcon Lion Club

We’re setting out with an ambitious goal to create the greatest sports club in the world.

Want to meet some of the greatest sportspeople in the world? Join the lion club

Want exclusive tickets to real-world sporting events? Join the lion club

Want airdrops of sports-related NFTs? Join the lion club.

We are huge proponents of the power of NFTs and community. We are inspired by the creativity and community showcased by projects such as BAYC and Vee Friends.

Our aim is to emulate these projects but focus specifically on sports.

There are 9000 memberships available, and that’s all there ever will be. At 9000 strong, our community would be bigger than the crowds at many sporting events; lower-division football clubs, cricket games, rugby, to name just a few.

Imagine the collective buying power of the lion club with 9000 members. If we completely sell out of Lions, we will look to create a Lion Club DAO. We’ll use this DAO to buy sports-related NFTs, real-world memorabilia, real-world sporting tickets and much more.

Let’s dive into the other benefits.

  • Zoom and AMA’s chat’s with some of the greatest sportspeople of all time (see here for previous Zoom calls with stars)
  • In-person meetups with the greatest sportspeople of all time
  • Airdrops of exclusive sports-related NFTs
  • VIP sporting event tickets
  • Real-world sports outings
  • Free entry to $ICONS stadium to view NFTs in VR
  • Private discord community channel.
  • The NFT acts as a ticket to certain SportsIcon events


Where and when will the sale take place?

The sale will take place on Tuesday 24th August. The exact time will be announced on SportsIcon Twitter, Discord and Telegram on the 24th.

The sale will run until 1st October. Any unsold Lions will be burnt.

Who are the artists behind this?

We had the idea for the Lion Club but wanted to wait for the right artists.

We are delighted to be working with The Guild NFT.

The Guild is an inclusive, dynamic and interdisciplinary Arts organization founded on the blockchain during the Covid-19 pandemic with a key focus on cultivating creative collaboration, promoting cross-cultural synergy, positivity, equality and artistic sustainability in this new paradigm of global creativity.

Their nested NFT artwork ‘Pandora’s Box’ recently sold for 42 ETH!

Another generative avatar project! What is different about this one?

We are the first to focus entirely on sports!

How does this interact with SportsIcon ERC-20 token $ICONS?

The Lion Club and $ICONS are complimentary. We’ll be announcing more soon on how they interact with each other.

I have a SportsIcon Founding NFT. Do I benefit from this?

Absolutely! Every Founding NFT holder will be airdropped a Lion Club membership avatar for free. Enjoy!

I’m a SportsIcon ambassador. Do I get one too?

Yes, we love you guys, please fill out the form on the ambassador's channel in Discord, and we’ll airdrop one to you too.

Hang on, who are SportsIcon?

You can see our team here.

We are backed by some of the best investors in tech and crypto, including Roham Gharegozlou (Dapper Labs/ NBA Top Shot CEO), Rap icon Nas, Chad Hurley (Founder of Youtube), Andrew Bogut (NBA Champion with the Warriors), Mike Edwards (Argo Blockchain), Andrew Mansanto (Founder of Hashgraph Hedera and Reserve), Sunny Madra (Ford X) Anand Agarwala (Founder of Spatial), Chris Ye (Ukon Games) and many more.

What NFTs have SportsIcon already dropped with sports stars?

We have already dropped NFTs with Roberto Carlos and Gigi Buffon.

What are the specs?

Each Lion is unique and programmatically generated from over 100 possible traits, including expression, headwear, clothing, and more.

The Lions are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Purchasing a Lion costs 0.04 ETH.

Is it an instant reveal?


Where can I talk to other community members?

Join our Discord here and our Telegram channel here.

Will the Lion Club NFTs be sold on open marketplaces?

Primary sales of Lion Club NFTs will be on https://lionclub.sportsicon.co.

Lion Club NFTs will appear on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible etc., for resale purchase.

Nine thousand club members would be a lot of purchasing power; how will we harness that power?

If we completely sell out of Lions, we will look to create a SportsIcon/Lion Club DAO.

We’ll use this DAO to buy sports-related NFTs, real-world memorabilia and real-world sporting tickets.

Is there a minting limit per transaction?

20 per transaction

Do you have plans for the Metaverse?

We have great contacts with landowners and builders in two of the big metaverse projects.

If the project 100% sells out, we’ll ask Lion Club members to vote on whether to build a sports complex in the metaverse.