Win 2 x Tickets to Atlanta Falcons vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2 min readDec 8, 2022

Dear Lions

Did someone say more tickets?

In the first of MANY ticket opportunities in 2023, we are giving away 2 tickets to see the Atlanta Falcons versus Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Gameweek 18! Valued over $500

Will it be Tom Brady’s last ever regular season game? A chance to see the GOAT in action, all from being a part of the Lion club, the NFT community with the GOAT Utility in Web3.

In 2023 we will have a run of ticket opportunities to different sports across the world so keep your eyes peeled for events near you.

In the future we may incorporate different entry levels for ticket requirements depending on the tier of tickets. Maybe to see an NFL game you need an American Football Lion? To see a soccer match you need to hold a soccer Lion, or to go to a tier 1 event… you need a tier 1 Lion. LOT’s to be decided and gamification we can add to the Lions.

SO… maybe you want to pick up a Lion of your favourite sport NOW, while they are cheap!

BUT… we’re feeling festive this month… so we are going to make the entry requirements as easy as possible…

2023 — Event 1 — Atlanta Falcons V Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Entry Requirements — Hold any Lion club NFT

Must have completed Lion club census form

2 ways to enter:

Tag @Lioncluboff on twitter and Quote retweet our competition tweet with three friends… OR… Jump into the Discord and show us your favourite Lion club NFT that you own with the words ‘Entry’ attached.

Entry Deadline:

Sunday 11th December 00:00 Pacific time

Winners Announced:

Monday 12th December — 09:00 Pacific time

It’s that simple… Completed census forms (if not already completed), Tweet, or Discord.

We look forward to seeing our Lion members at the Falcons V Buccs game in January, as well as many more in the new year…

Lion Tip: Maybe you want to double your chances of winning tickets by buying your friend or family member a Lion too? An early Christmas present for the cost of $15.

But remember, a Lion is for life, not just for Christmas.

Note: Tickets to only be used by Lion club members, these tickets are not for resale. Competition winners will be asked for attendance intentions. These tickets do not include parking at the stadium.

As always, if you have any comments, feedback or advice please email suggestions to