Win 5000 $ICONS with Discord Invite Challenge!

2 min readMar 4, 2024


Hello SportsIcon fans,

We are back with another prize competition for the month of March. No, it’s not March Madness (yet), that’s next week.

We are constantly looking to grow the community as well as the quality.

We are offering 10,000 $ICONS to 3 lucky winners who invite the most people to the SportsIcon Discord channel in March.

The person with the highest number of successful invites will receive 5000 $ICONS and 2nd and 3rd place will receive 2500 $ICONS each.

To invite people to the Discord you MUST use YOUR unique invite code!

This can be found in the ‘Invites Challenge’ channel within the SportsIcon Discord. As shown here…

SportsIcon Invite Challenge


Simply head to ‘Invites Challenge’ and type in the prompt !Invites

You will see your unique invite code, which you can share with your friends and network to join the SportIcon community.

Use your unique Invite Link to make sure your rank is collected.

After inviting your friends, network and social media following to the Discord, make sure they verify the channel so that they appear in the ‘Welcome’ Channel.

As shown here;

New joiners should verify the Discord channel so that they appear in the Welcome channel.

Once your new joiners have joined the SportsIcon Discord channel using your unique invite Link, you can check how many invites you have sent and your current rank.

Remember the top 3 ranked inviters will receive 5000, 2500 and 2500 $ICONS for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

You can check your current rank and invites by typing in !Invites to the Invite Challenge Channel. As shown in the graphic here;

Type !Invites to the Invite Challenge Discord Channel to see your current rank.

The competition will last until April 1st at 12pm GMT.

Good Luck and any questions don’t hesitate to ask in the SportsIcon General Chat.

More announcements coming soon including March Madness Bracket Challenge, Future Icons Updates, $SCORE announcements and the new SportsIcon Whitepaper.

Get inviting now…

type “!invites” to display your invite link and your invite stats.